Nucular P24F Controller & Dash Kit

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Nucular P24F Controller with surround & Dash Kit. 3 years Warranty.

The Nucular P24F has been designed from scratch and offers many benefits. Mounting the controller on the bike is easy and convenient. 


  • max power 27kW
  • max phase current 500A
  • max battery current 350A
  • max battery voltage 90V
  • Dimensions 205x98x50 mm
  • Weight 1440 g.
Protection and reliability of the controller:
  • Can-bus is protected at +100V/-60V, including GND!
  • The throttle and brake are +100V/-60V protected.
  • Protection of Hall sensors at +100V.
  • IP67 protection
Additional analog input (PAS) and 10V+ digital input (I4+).

The P24F controller kit includes:
  • Controller
  • On Board Computer/Dash
  • CAN-wire 120 cm (47,2 inch) long for connection to the On-board computer.
  • 3 screws for connecting the M6 terminals of the phase wires
  • 2 screws for connecting battery wire M6 terminals
  • 22 pcs crimp pins for JWPF connectors
  • 4 pcs JWPF connectors 6P
  • 2 pcs JWPF connectors 8P
  • Surron Light Bee S/X Surround/Talaria Surround

The cost of the P24F controller in the above configuration is £850. The P24F controller is by default filled with compound and has IP67 protection. 3 years Warranty. 

Sur-Ron Light Bee and Talaria Sting. Ready-to-use Plug&Ride kits for both bikes. A concise design of adapters made of ABS plastic, which will successfully fit into the contours of the frame and improve the appearance of your ebike.
The kit has everything you need to install instead of a factory controller, no pain with custom adapters. Factory wiring does not require modification. All systems will work (lights, key, footrest, fall sensor, remote control buttons). Included with each set is a controller with firmware for three power modes for maximum performance on a standard battery.

Orders can be expected between 3-10 Days after your order.

Sur-Ron Light Bee S/X

Talaria Sting