Exhaust Wadding Muffler Packing

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Exhaust Wadding.

EXHAUST MUFFLER PACKING MAT. Size. 340mm x 505mm x 8mm

- Max working Temperature 400*.
- Fire Resistant.

This is the ideal packing for any muffler which when stripped, the core or baffle tube comes out with the end cap. The mat is then cut into strips the same width as the tube and wrapped around until the outer diameter is the same as the outer cover. To hold the mat in place while assembling, put tape around the packing. If it is an oval pipe, just cut some 25mm strips and put them on the top and bottom to build up the right shape. To acheive the best results ensure that the holes in the tube are clean from carbon and other dirt before wrapping your tube with the new mat packing wool.

- Best value for money